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 PRo Prep is once again proud to be the sponsored Tanning, Hair & Makeup Company                               for 3 of the greatest bodybuilding shows in Texas!


                      April 6th


       October 26th


                  July 6th

"Please read to get the BEST TAN and color for stage!"


  • A base tan is ok to have, but not necessary. 

  • IMPORTANT -Do Not have tan lines and if tanning in a

       tanning bed, stop 4-5 days before event. 

  • Do Not get burnt skin a week or 2 to prior to appointment!

  • It is best not to do any other spraytans, prior to show time  

        shower off before your appointment,(we can not guarantee outcome with mixing products)

  • All tanning will be done at the contest venue or nearby/contest hotel. Most tanning appointments are scheduled on the Friday, and some early on Saturday. Upon requests we may be available on Thursday evenings at some shows. 

  • Ideally, appointments are scheduled 2-4 hours apart for best results.

  • TAN GUIDELINES- These are the recommended # of coats/tans /you should book if you have a medium base color- 

  • Bikini & Men's Physique, some figure- 2 tans

  • Fitness, Figure or  light base color skin of the above- 3 tans

  • All Bodybuilders and Women’s Physique usually- 3+ tans

  • Although we do offer a 1 Tan option, keep in mind stage lights will wash you out.

  • Complete form below, when requesting appointment times, please list 3 different times. Take into consideration any travel time from home, venue, or other hotel you may be staying at and any other appointments, for show you may have.

  • You will receive a confirmation email after payment is received. Final times will be sent out by email and/or posted on this site approximately 2 weeks out from show. Although, we take any last minute sign ups, booking 3-4 weeks out is best.

  • To hold an appointment time please pay 2 weeks prior to show, or contact me if you need to make other arrangements.

                                                                                         PRE-TAN INSTRUCTIONS


  • Exfoliate and moisturize skin thoroughly at least a 2 weeks prior to event. For amazing results order my Skin Prep scrub and use 2-4 weeks before your show. This will condition your skin and adjust the Ph balance allowing your tan to be a rich  even color.


  • The shower or 2 before your 1st tan use a loofa or scrub to remove dead skin and prepare for tanning. Don’t use a heavy moisturizing scrub directly before tan. Scrub skin thoroughly and DO NOT forget to scrub neck, back and under your arms.


  • Any waxing should be done several days beforehand in case of breakout or reaction , if you are waxing for the 1st time its best to do a trial waxing beforehand so skin can adjust.


  •  Shaving, other than on the face, should be done the night before tanning or at least  four hours before, so pores can close.


  • DO NOT use deodorant, lotion, perfume or apply anything to the skin the day of tanning. It’s best to shower shortly before coming to your  1st appointment. If you are doing bodybuilding stop using deoderant earlier.


  • To your appointment wear a big, loose light weight clothing, (pants with drawstrings work the best) and flip flops NOTHING TIGHT ALLOWED! No bras or tight tanks Girls for competition you will be sprayed nude! Men’s physique can wear low riding briefs. Men’s bodybuilding will spray nude, or covered with disposable thong or a sock. Please plan to sleep in the loose, over sized clothing. This will help prevent mishaps.




                                    WHAT TO EXPECT ...YOU WILL NOT SHOWER AFTER WE START TANNING YOU!


  • Most of you will be sprayed twice on Friday with a few hours to dry and set between sprays. Preferably 2-4 hours to dry in between. Sprays may be scheduled on Saturday mornings if you are  in bikini or mens physique.  Touch ups are done on Saturday morning in order you go on stage.

  • Bodybuilders may request Thursday evening appointments. 


  • Bring alcohol-free baby wipes to freshen up on day of show


  • After your tan, be VERY careful and mindful about splashes of water and go to the restroom with great caution!  Put tissue down on toilet seat if you must sit on it. Be careful brushing teeth, washing hands and  SWEATING! If there are any mishaps after sleeping, we can blend Saturday and do touch ups. Bring old towels to use and sheets to sleep on if staying in hotel.


  • DO NOT SHOWER! until after your competition. Showering will remove the dark bronzer and reveal a natural looking tan... but not enough for stage. You must be dark because bright stage lights wash you out.


  • The tanning solution reacts differently on each person, color may be slightly different and drying time may vary for each individual.


  • Your session will generally take about 30 minutes. Please be on time for your appointment, but also be flexible and patient. We promise to get everyone done and want you to look your best! Good Luck!




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